Ham Radio Events

Region 12 Rally is adding Amateur Radio Activities!

Drive-In/Out Channel Plan (TBD).

These frequencies will be manned by our WBCCI Region 12 Net Control – give us a call-in as soon as you can on your way in! Please direct your traffic to “WBCCI Region 12”.

  • The W6COH repeater on 144.505 (+) PL 100.
  • “RV Calling” simplex on 147.550 – we will use this during the rally.

Region 12 Rally Amateur Radio Events

  • WBCCI Region 12 Net Control on 147.550 (simplex)
    • Drive-In contact (call us when you get in range)
    • Daily simplex check-in Nets
    • Hosted at Site #TBD (TBD)
  • Introduction to Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) and Exhibit
    • Thursday October 13th TBD AM – Noon (Event Center)
    • Hosted by Roger KD6FBF and Eric AA6EM
    • Gear show
    • Door prizes
  • Crash Course: Prepare to get your Technician (or higher!) License at the Rally
    • Friday October 14th 9:00AM – 3:00PM (Event Center)
    • Recently offered at a Region 1 Rally, nine out of ten participants earned their basic Technicians license at the Rally!
  • License Exam Session
    • Hosted by TBD team and local VE examiners
    • Saturday October 15th 6:30AM – 9:00AM


Region 12 Rally Amateur Radio Nets

  • Daily WBCCI Region 12 Net on 147.550 (simplex)
    • Check-into the net and trade stories and information
    • Mornings at 8:00AM – 8:15AM
    • Evenings at 8:00PM – 8:15PM
  • Weekday WBCCI ARC 20m Nets
    • 09:00 Pacific and 14:00 Pacific weekdays at 14.3075MHz
  • Weekday RVService 40m Pacific Net
    • 09:00 Pacific weekdays at 7268.5 kHz LSB


WBCCI Ham Members / Guests attending:
If you are a coming and not on our list, please let us know (eric.mchenry@wbcci.net)

  • Roger  (KD6FBF)
  • Eric  (AA6EM)
  • Don (KD6UVT)